Stans-Service AB manufactures punching tools and gaskets.We also cut out insulation parts and manufacture punch forms, and manufacture embossing and printing clichés.

About Stans-Service

Stans-Service AB has manufactured punching tools for over 60 years, and we have added a number of punching services over the years. Today, we primarily manufacture a variety of punching tools, but we can also help you develop complete solutions and deliver finished products. Stans-Service performs all of our work on-site at our location in Bromma, therefore, we can guarantee high-quality products, fast delivery and competitive pricing. We can perform work based on your own CAD, EPS or PDF drawings or help you develop new drawings. In 2016, we acquired Wahlbergs Plastkliché AB, allowing us to offer help with embossing and printing clichés. We are also able to offer heat embossing for logos and text on leather, for example.

Several OEM customers
For the last 6 years, Stans-Service has been owned and operated by Eric Wester Dahl, who has many years of experience in the insulation industry. Eric came into contact with the company through one of his former employers who he had purchased tools from and he would then go on to buy the company. The company now has five employees and works with customers across a variety of industries throughout Sweden. We primarily serve customers in the electronics industry who require punching services for insulation materials for various electronic components. The insulation material is used to channel heat away from the most sensitive components as efficiently as possible. Several of our customers are so-called OEM companies. These are companies that manufacture end products, either from products they manufacture themselves or materials they purchase from us or other companies.

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Punched gaskets

Gaskets are used in a number of different types of products. Our clientele today primarily comes from the electronics industry. We deliver gaskets suitable for virtually any application, for example, we have produced gaskets for forestry machines, toilets, water lines and air and oil compressors.

Top punching

We currently offer punching for most smaller series, and we are especially skilled at top punching. We punch through the material but not the protective/adhesive paper which allows for self-adhesive gaskets. Our customers often deliver the materials to be punched, but we can also help by providing the material you would like to punch. Of course, we are available to assist you throughout the entire process, from the purchase of materials to the delivery of the product. We punch a wide range of materials, including plastic, foam plastic, paper, cardboard, rubber or leather.


Occasionally, a shape can be too complex to make it worthwhile to do a tool and punch. In cases like these, we can help you by cutting out these products. Trimming can be used for several different products and materials. Commonly occurring tasks include trimming tapes or thermal insulation for circuit boards, so-called thermal interface material. Of course, we can help you with much more than that.

We recently invested in a brand new cutting machine from Zund for Stans-service, which we can use to cut out your product. This means that we are also able to cut out gaskets and dummies for printed items, to offer top punching for sil pads and gap pads, as well as insulation and adhesive film parts. Many of our current customers come from the electronics industry, but we can help with most of the cutting assignments; just contact us and tell us what you need.

Punching tools

In order to be able to manufacture parts in larger series, a punching tool or a punch form is needed. The term “punching tool” is used within the industry, while the printing industry, which uses other formats, uses the term “punch form”. We manufacture high quality flatbed die cutters. For better durability, a track for the steel line is cut using a scroll saw which ensures a longer service life for the tool. Our Stans-service helps you produce your tool or shape based on your unique needs. You can either send drawings of your product or a finished prototype that we can use to create our own drawings. If needed, we can also help you develop new prototypes.

Punching soft materials
Our Stans service can offer punching for soft materials such as rubber, plastic (up to 3 mm.), paper and leather. We can deliver finished punching tools/shapes in dimensions up to 2x1 metres. Our customers place high demands on our products, and we ensure that all products can be easily traced upon request by our customers. We believe that this is a strength which allows us to ensure the quality of the process.

Stamped insulation

Within the electronics industry, different types of insulation are used for a variety of applications. Some types may be used to prevent a device from appearing on a radar, as in fighter jets, while others may be used to prevent different components in the same equipment from interfering with each other. No matter what application your insulation will be used for, our Stans-service can help you produce it. You simply send us a drawing, preferably as a PDF, which we then use to create the punches and punch out the insulation in the material of your choice.

Complete solution for GAP Pads
Previously, our customers typically sent us insulation materials that we punched. Today, it is more common for us to buy materials that we punch into a finished product. This means that you are freed up from a great deal of the preparatory work and can focus on others parts of your production instead. We can help you with the entire production process for GAP-pads, GAP-fillers or similar insulation solutions for electronic components. We currently produce insulation materials for our customers for everything from radiators to entire circuit boards.

Embossing & Pressure Clichés

For a few years now, we have offered our customers embossing and printing clichés for their production through our Stans-service. A cliché is used for embossing and blind embossing text and logos on paper and cardboard and for sand moulding. Pressure clichés can be also be used for printing on paper, tape, or similar materials. We can also help with heat embossing logos or texts in leather.

Once you contact us, we will ask for a drawing document, such as a PDF, with your motif. We then use your document to create an embossing or printing cliché. We are able to manufacture a harder cliché in place or a softer rubber cliché; it all depends on your specific needs. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to offer metal clichés. Our clientele primarily comes from the printing industry, but we can adapt our production based on your individual.

We can also help you with:

Extruded rubber
The product is used to extrude the material from the punch. With our Stans-Service solutions, we can help you cut individual pieces of extruded rubber customised to your unique needs. We stock most material types so we can offer the best options to suit your needs.

Steel tape
Steel tape is used to raise specific blades in a larger punch. The product is a consumable, and we try to always have it on hand so we can meet your needs. The tape is self-adhesive and made from stainless steel.

Crease dies, crease lines & perf lines
When you fold together a paper folder or a moving box, they have what are known as punch lines, which show where the folds will be. The edges are "creased", which means that you punch with a rounded blade that creates a crease in the carton instead of a cut.

Perforating Tubes
When punching, you can also make perforations in the material. This can be useful, for example, when making packaging that will be hung on Euro holes. The perforating tubes often wear faster than the rest of the punch and therefore need to be changed more frequently. We sell perforating tubes in a variety of dimensions so you will always find the supplies you need for your punch.

Euro hole
Many shops build a stand where products can be hung on a rod. These rods are fitted on to what is known as a Euro hole. Therefore, many of our customers choose to punch their packaging with only a Euro hole. The tubes wear out from time to time and need to be replaced. You can buy the tubes from us through Stans-Service.

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